Sheila Nyasetia is a devoted servant of Christ, embracing her faith with humility and dedication. As a young individual, she embodies a vibrant spirit, eager to contribute positively to her community. Sheila's love for reading reflects her thirst for knowledge and personal growth, while her passion for singing allows her to express herself creatively and connect with others through music. With her faith as a guiding light, Sheila's journey as a youth is marked by her unwavering commitment to both her spiritual path and her personal interests in literature and music, making her a well-rounded and inspiring individual.

A call to abide

In the profound words of John 15, there’s a divine call for disciples to abide in Christ. Here, Jesus uses a beautiful illustration of the vine and the branches. The branches can only bear fruit when they abide in the vine. Similarly, Christians can only bear fruit when they abide in Christ. What does it

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Look and Live

We focus too much on our brokenness, our failures, our addictions, our iniquities, and our frailties. God is saying to you today, come and I will give you rest for my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Sister, you don’t have to carry all that…. What if I told you that we sum

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