A call to abide

In the profound words of John 15, there’s a divine call for disciples to abide in Christ.

Here, Jesus uses a beautiful illustration of the vine and the branches.

The branches can only bear fruit when they abide in the vine.

Similarly, Christians can only bear fruit when they abide in Christ.

What does it mean to abide?

Chances are you have come across the term abide somewhere else in the scriptures.

A good example is given by David the Psalmist when he says,

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty

Ps 91:1

Here it is evident that the words “abide” and “dwell” are nearly synonymous.

For a deeper understanding, we will look at the original translation.

The Hebrew word for the word abide is yashab. It means to inhabit, to endure, to dwell, to marry, or to stay.

It also includes concepts of interpersonal relationships and being in a shared space.

When you abide…

In the same way, the branch is constantly receiving sap from the vine, so we are to cling to Jesus.

Abiding is not a once-a-week or once-a-day thing; it’s a consistent, daily, and hourly connection with Christ.

Growing up, we used to sing a song that went like this:

read your bible pray eveyday poster

When you abide, prayer becomes the breath of your soul. It becomes an everyday thing. You talk to God as a friend throughout the day, not just when it is convenient. You pray without ceasing.

Your communication with Christ will not be one-sided. As you pray, He will communicate with you through His word, the Bible. You will meditate on the words day and night.

“…He that abideth in me and I in him,the same brings forth much fruit ….”

John 15:5

When you abide, you bear fruit. It is only through attachment to the vine that the branch receives nourishment to bear fruit. We can only bear the fruit of the spirit when we are in Christ.

It is only in Christ that we love even people who break our hearts. Only Christ can bring joy and peace to our families. Only Christ can a young man remain faithful during the trial.

When we dwell in Christ, His Spirit constantly fills us, and we reflect His character.

You’re just as dependent upon Christ to live a holy life, as is the branch upon the parent stock for growth and fruitfulness. – SC 68

When we abide, not…

… As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me.

John 15:4

When a branch is cut from the vine, it withers and cannot produce fruit.

Similarly, without Christ, we wither. He has said, “…without me you can do nothing.” There is no holiness outside of Christ. We are unable to generate it on our own.

Without Christ, our capacity to love, resist temptations, and extend forgiveness to those who harm us is compromised.

In the absence of His presence, we cannot experience joy and peace in our families. Unity eludes us because the members are not rooted in the same source, Christ.

Without drawing from Christ, we are unable to preach and minister to others. Without His Spirit and our strength, we will not be able to convert souls. When we remove Christ from the equation, we remove the heart of ministry.

The essence

The call to abide is a call to all to realize our dependence on Christ. To discern, we cannot be self-reliant in this walk. Our efforts to do good are futile without Him, who died for us.

It is a call to draw closer to God, and without a doubt, he will draw closer to us.

May God help us.

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  1. My takeaway…The call to abide is the call to realize our dependence upon Christ…Potent, God bless you siz.

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